Shaan Michael W.

Shaan Michael W. is a Black queer man of trans experience, writer, sex and body-positive educator, community organizer, and queer and trans rights activist.

In 2012, he obtained his Associates of the Arts degree from Green River Community College in the Greater Seattle area. While a student, Shaan also served as the Diversity Services Coordinator, president of Queer & Allies–an organization for the LGBTQIA+ campus community–and as an officer of the Black Student Union. For his work he became the recipient of the 2012 GRCC Diversity Award.

In 2013, Shaan was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign to attend a briefing at the White House regarding LGBT issues. He also joined fellow advocates, doctorate students, and professors for a panel discussion on race at the Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere Conference in Portage, Indiana.

‘The (Shaan)anigans’ is a means of expression. Through the blog, Shaan seeks to expand minds through discussions on race, sexuality, gender, ableism, classism, and religion (or lack thereof) from the Black queer perspective. He can also be found on Twitter (@Shaananigans).



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