Stay silent, they say you’re guilty.

Speak up, they say you’re playing the victim.

Say too little, they say you must be hiding something.

Say too much, they say you must be trying to ‘splain.

The rumor mill is never satisfied, hence why I choose not to engage. Everyone is worried about having an opinion on something that has nothing to do with them. And to be so concerned, no one bothers directly approach the object of their curiosities.

And all this over White peoples’ hurt feeling.

Lordt. I’m so over this entire thing. Finding out that people who are not me are being invited to speak in spaces about the issue. But no one has come to me. Still. Because I’m not their Safe Black Boi. And I’m okay with that.

Still annoying to have my name dragged through the mud, though. But eh. I didn’t come to make friends with fools.



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